How to Repair Flood Damage

It can be devastating when your property is flooded with water. The damage to the furniture, flooring, and other belongings can make it impossible for you to live there anymore. A flood can overtake your property in a matter of minutes or even seconds. It can happen during any time of the year and can be the result of many different situations. It is hard to predict when your property may experience flood damage. When it happens, it can change the entire landscape of your home or business. 

Repairing flood damage in Orlando, Florida is no easy task. Undertaking this task on your own comes with certain risks. Risks such as your insurance refusing coverage in the event of further damage. United Water Restoration Group of Orlando would like to provide you with a few tips on repairing flood damage. Flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida can assist you in returning your damaged property back to a state of normalcy. 


Tip #1: Your Safety

Safety should always be in the front of your mind when dealing with any damaged structure. Water damage is nefarious and can cause a plethora of advanced issues. Issues such as damaged support beams can cause structural instability. Electrical hazards also play a genuine concern when handling a flood-damaged property. If exposed electrical wires are live and active in a pool of water it becomes an obvious and apparent danger to your safety. 

Before deciding to undertake your flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida, be sure the site is safe and rid of hazards. Flood water can severely damage a property and render it uninhabitable. Your property is important, but your safety and wellbeing are even more important. When you’re worried about safety, you can contact our trained technicians to help.


Tip #2: Assess Water & Flood Damages

After you have ensured your own safety, you should begin assessing your property. Discover where the damage has come from, if you can stop it, what’s damaged, and where your damages have mostly accumulated. Having a comprehensive list of all items affected or damaged is great when dealing with insurance companies. 

This can save you time when reporting the damages to your insurance company, but it can also give you a better understanding of what you are about to undertake. Assessing the damages gives you a view of what should be done and can help determine if it is outside of your skills or equipment.


Tip #3: Water Extraction

The next step in flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida is to extract the water in the affected areas. Excess water can cause continuous damage to affected areas. It should be addressed immediately after assessing the situation and establishing your own safety. This step of flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida requires a wet vacuum, fans, mops, and other materials to properly dry out affected areas.

A regular vacuum will not be properly equipped to handle water or wet materials. Absorbing water with a regular vacuum will likely introduce water to exposed components. This will either damage or completely destroy the components as they are not graded or protected against water. Extracting the water is vital to flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida. If you are unable to accomplish this task on your own, our technicians can help! Our technicians come equipped with state-of-the-art tools and extensive training. We can assist in extracting all your water and restoring your property! 


Tip #4: Sanitize & Disinfect


If you are able to properly extract all the water at your property, the next step to flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida is to sanitize and disinfect affected areas. Flood water can bring in harmful bacteria that may be left at your property. On top of that, mold can easily result from flood or water damage. Sanitizing affected areas can help prevent mold colonies from forming at your property.

Mold colonies can easily sprout up and spread through affected areas after any type of water damage. Mold spores are microscopic and are present in virtually every room. They can begin growing within 24 hours of water damage at your property and should be addressed immediately. Mold can cause many different symptoms in adults and children. It is recommended you avoid rooms affected by mold colonies without proper protection. 


Tip #5: Remove and Toss Damaged Porous Items/Materials

Porous items like drywall and carpeting will likely need to be taken out and replaced if damaged by floodwaters. Porus materials can absorb water and cause continued deterioration of the affected material. For this step of flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida, you’ll need to replace these items.

Most porous items soak and absorb water quickly and will retain them with damages. These items should be replaced as the lingering damage can cause mold growth and insatiable materials/items. 


Tip #6: Replace Damaged Wood

Wood is another porous material that will likely need to be replaced after being affected by flood damage. Water damage can cause wood to quickly become unstable and cause risks. Structural integrity should always be on your mind while tackling flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida. 

If wooden fixtures have been damaged by the water, replace them. This damage can cause the wood to eventually become mushy to the touch. While wood is a very durable material that can last for years, once it absorbs water, it can swell, lose its shape, become unstable, and be a breeding ground for mold colonies. These colonies can further deteriorate items around your property. 


Tip #7: Replace or Restore Flood Water Damage

The last step to flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida is taking stock of what needs to be replaced or restored and completing the tasks. After flood damages strike, you may need to replace wood, drywall, insulation, carpeting, tile, furniture, and a lot more. These items will either need to be repaired, replaced, or restored to return your property back to a state of normalcy. 

It’s understandable wanting to undertake the DIY of your own property. However, it’s a long road that can ultimately lead you down a challenging path. Your insurance may cover the services of a restoration company like United Water Restoration Group of Orlando. We can assist you and save you money, time, and the stress of having to handle flood damage restoration in Orlando, Florida. Our technicians are trained and certified in handling situations like this. 

Our service line at (407) 278-7715 is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It can place you in direct contact with one of our trained technicians in a matter of minutes. United Water Restoration Group of Orlando is Orlando, Florida’s #1 flood damage restoration company and we can be at your property, assisting you, in under an hour! 


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