Potential Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are hard to spot sometimes. Thousands of fires happen every year because a simple fire hazard wasn’t identified. Every person should be careful about fire hazards so they don’t turn into a real fire. Fires can start from things that have been left behind and then ignite, or if something catches on fire […]

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How to Clean Smoke Damage

You probably have a lot of questions about smoke damage and its cleanup. Smoke contains harmful gases, particles, and residues that cling to everything they contact. Smoke also can leave an unpleasant odor. The worst thing you can do is ignore it or try to clean things without the proper equipment or knowledge. Smoke damage […]

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Smoke & Fire Damage Differences

Smoke and fire are different. Fire is what happens when something burns. Smoke is the awful smell left behind from something that has burned, like your curtains and carpeting. The material that has been burned away during a fire still feels hot for a short amount of time after the fire has been put out. […]

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