Smoke & Fire Damage Differences

Smoke and fire are different. Fire is what happens when something burns. Smoke is the awful smell left behind from something that has burned, like your curtains and carpeting. The material that has been burned away during a fire still feels hot for a short amount of time after the fire has been put out. […]

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3 Common Signs of Water Damage

There are many signs of water damage that can be discovered before irreversible damage is caused. Signs of water damage in Orlando, Florida can also vary due to hurricanes and our high heat and humidity. Though some of these signs can help you avoid costly damage, some of these signs are indicators of lingering damage […]

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Smoke Smell Removal: How is it Done?

Smoke damage can cause severe damage and leave behind unpleasant lingering scents far after the event has stopped. Smoke smell removal can help bring your property back to its normal state, discover more by reading our blog!

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