Potential Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are hard to spot sometimes. Thousands of fires happen every year because a simple fire hazard wasn’t identified. Every person should be careful about fire hazards so they don’t turn into a real fire. Fires can start from things that have been left behind and then ignite, or if something catches on fire and it burns up your house.

To avoid this, make sure you don’t have any fire hazards in your home! Below is some advice on avoiding fire hazards from our restoration experts at United Water Restoration Group of Orlando.


Technology Pose a Fire Hazard

Electrical fires are a common fire hazard. The most common fires start is when the wires get damaged and are exposed. Take care, not to overload outlets or show any signs of wear. You should also use extension cords when it’s necessary. Surge protectors can be useful for electronics, but you should only use them if you need them and don’t overuse them because they can cause a fire.

Keeping electronics away from flammable objects like fabric or clothes is smart because if they overheat, then it will start a fire! You might want to keep televisions away from these types of things too since they can overheat and cause a fire!


Fires Start in Kitchens

Kitchen fires can be hazardous, but you can prevent them. Keep your trash away from the stove, and keep flammable items out of the kitchen when cooking. Scary enough, microwaves can start a fire! Be careful to not store anything near it that is flammable, like paper towels or cleaning products.

Grease fires are dangerous too! If one starts, do not use water to put it out. Cover the flames with a lid and let them suffocate on their own instead. You should also buy a fire extinguisher for your kitchen so you will be prepared in case something happens!



Sometimes it gets very cold in the winter. To keep warm, we use space heaters. But be careful! Make sure that you do not put any clothes or bedding near the heater because then they can catch on fire. There are a lot of fires when it is cold from people using space heaters to stay warm. These can sometimes spark and ignite a fire on flammable items. One out of every five people who die in a fire has died as a result of heating equipment each year.


Candles and Fire Places

A chimney should be checked before starting a fire. Make sure the fireplace vent is open. It is important to put on a fireplace screen or something to keep pets and children from going in. Chimneys need to be cleaned out of debris every year. Make sure you get rid of nearby fabrics or paper objects that might start a fire easily. Candles can be romantic, but they can also cause fires if not used right!

Keep candles away from things that might catch on fire easily like drapes, curtains, furniture, or anything close by. Never leave an open flame unattended because it could start a fire.


The Threat of Appliances

Make sure the lint screen and outside exhaust of your dryer are cleaned often. The build-up of lint can be dangerous and cause a fire. Check all outlets for overloading near all appliances.


Storage Areas

Your storage areas are important. Make sure they are well ventilated and well insulated. If there is too much stuff in the area, it can cause a fire to start. If there is stuff near a furnace or heater that might overheat, move it! Gasoline from grills or space heaters needs to be stored away from the building because it could catch on fire if something happens with them. Grills should also be used away from home and kept away from the foliage.



Smoke Alarms are Important

A smoke alarm can wake you up in the night if there is a fire. Check the batteries and test them often. Having more than one smoke alarm is important so that you will know about a fire in different parts of your house before it’s too late.


Inspect Regularly

A fire hazard is something that can cause damage to property. If you see something out of place, then take care of it immediately! You may avoid major damage not only to yourself but also to others around you. Losing your property can take a matter of minutes if fire hazards are not regularly checked.

Fire damage could result from a fire or other hazard. Make sure that you always check for any possible hazards on your property. Fire danger can happen anytime, so make it a common routine to always check for any possible threats. If your property ever comes into contact with fire, give our fire damage restoration professionals a call at (407) 278-7715.

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