Smoke & Fire Damage Differences

Smoke and fire are different. Fire is what happens when something burns. Smoke is the awful smell left behind from something that has burned, like your curtains and carpeting. The material that has been burned away during a fire still feels hot for a short amount of time after the fire has been put out. When it is finally gone, it leaves behind soot and smoke. The soot can be hard to clean up because it sticks to things, and so can the smoke because it smells really bad!


Smoke Damage

If there is a fire in your house that results in tons of smoke, the removal process will be different. The type of damage and where it occurs will depend on the building’s structure. For example, technicians might have to remove painted walls or carpeting. They need to do this carefully to avoid spreading out smoke or contaminating anything else deeper in your property with a smokey smell.

There are four different types of smoke damage that you can get in a fire. Dry smoke comes from low temperatures and no fuel. Wet smoke is from fuel or oil. Protein residue comes from animal fats like when you cook meat, and Fuel/oil residue is just that – fuel or oil. A professional will know how to clean each type of smoke damage so your home can be back to normal again.

It is important to note that even after you have cleaned up from a fire or smoke event, there can still be an odor left. This odor can last for weeks following smoke and fire damage.


Fire Damage

However, fire damage is different from smoke damage. Fire damage means that the house will be damaged more deeply, but it is easier to clean up. This kind of harm happens when the smoke goes down and into the structure of a building. The fire can burn away at fabrics and wood materials, causing them to meltdown and leave behind a black or brown residue smell.

Fire damage causes a structure to turn into a dark color. A good indicator of fire damage is if the structure has a dark color as opposed to brown or white.

If you want to remove the soot and smoke smell from your home, first make sure there is no fire damage. One of our fire damage restoration technicians can assess the property for fire damage. These technicians are trained in cleaning up any damage inflicted by smoke and fire. But if you don’t clean up the fire properly, it could cause more harm to your house.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

In the end, smoke and fire damage need different cleaning processes. Smoke damage needs to be sucked out of materials. Fire damage needs to be scrubbed off of surfaces with a mild solution. Each damages the property on a different level, so both cleaning processes are unique.

If your house has been damaged by smoke or fire, you should contact the United Water Restoration Group of Orlando. Give us a call at (407) 278-7715 for one of our fire damage restoration professionals to come and fix the damages. Our technicians know how to handle every situation!

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