Water Damage Restoration in Orlando, Florida



Water damage can cause severe problems for a home or business. It can come into a property in various ways. Water damage can be minor and cause a puddle or it can be severe and potentially cause structural damage. Regardless of the type of water damage and severity, our technicians in Orlando, Florida can assist you.

Our technicians in Orlando, Florida are highly skilled, trained, and certified in handling our water damage restoration process. Our office in Orlando, Florida is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We understand how stressful a water damage event can be, when your home or business is at risk, you can’t sleep, so why should we? Our technicians in Orlando, Florida can be at your property when you need us. Upon calling our emergency hotline at (800) 430-5838, we can have an operations manager on site within an hour. Our office also allows for flexible scheduling in the event of non-emergency services. We can mold an appointment around what your schedule dictates.

Once our technicians in Orlando, Florida are on-site, they will start by conducting a comprehensive inspection and assessment of your home or business. After assessing the situation, our technician will go through their inspection with you, in full detail, and explain our plan of action to get your property back to its normal, pre-loss conditions.

Once we agree upon terms, our team in Orlando, Florida can get to work. The first step of our water damage restoration process is to remove any excess water and dry affected areas. Once we complete this step, our technicians in Orlando, Florida will start to clear, clean, and sanitize affected areas. During this step, we prevent any lingering smells from occurring and administer procurement treatments to help combat against mold colonies.

Read What Our Water Restoration Customers Are Saying

"Responded quickly for water damage cleanup. Shout out to technician Tera Kocar who was very professional. She was respectful of my time and property by making sure the equipment was working efficiently. She helped expedite the drying process as my pets were not a fan of the blower fans. Thank you!"
Daniel Sapier
UWRG Customer
"I cannot stress how friendly and efficient Robert Perry and Ezequil Torres were. They came on a Friday night at 7 pm and resolved our issue. They were honest, did not overcharge, and quick. lt rectified our problem. Now our moldy mess from a leaking water tank now smells all fresh and clean in an hour. I highly recommend United Water Restoration for water removal, mold, and any damage such as fire! Highly recommend"
Debbie Hannah
UWRG Customer